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Umbrella Canopy and Beach Umbrella FAQs

1.  What makes Ivory Lane Home umbrella canopies unique and different from others? 

We saw a need and focused on it. Outdoor umbrellas in the market today are easily susceptible to mold, mildew and discoloration due to exposure to the elements. After a season or two, these elements seem to destroy the appearance and quality  and the consumer is forced to discard the item (not good for the environment!) and purchase something new, or simply live with an unsightly umbrella. Our canopies are removable, and machine washable. The fabric has a UV protectant of 50+ and cleans up with cold water, and a mild soap and water or detergent. 

2.  Do you sell the umbrella pole?

Our beach umbrellas come with their own pole. However, currently we do not offer an umbrella pole for our large canopies. Our large canopies fit a standard 8-spoke, 9 foot umbrella frame. These frames can be purchased separately on the internet for a nominal price. The option to purchase the frame separately from the canopy enables the consumer to seek a frame to fit any decor style. 

3.  How do I put the canopy on a frame? 

It's easy! Simply follow the below guide!

  • When you remove the packaging from your canopy, you will notice a small opening in the center of the item. Remove the finial (that little cap on top of the pole) from the umbrella pole and slide the opening over the post that the final screws onto. 
  • The next step is to insert your umbrella pole into a secure base. Don't have a base? See our blog for a simple tutorial on how to make your own!
  • Once the pole is secured to the base, open your umbrella to extend the spokes.
  • Now that the spokes are fully extended, from underneath the canopy, begin inserting each spoke into the pockets underneath the canopy. Then, use the ties to secure the canopy to each spoke.
  • Ta-Da! You did it! 

Throw Pillow Covers FAQs

1.  Do your pillow covers come with inserts?

No, we do not sell the inserts with our pillow covers. Waterproof inserts are easily accessible on the internet in a variety of sizes. Depending on the fullness you desire, we suggest ordering anywhere from the exact dimensions of the insert up to 2" larger than the insert dimensions.

2.  Are your inserts washable?

You bet they are! Thats another reason we love them. Simply remove the insert, toss them in the washing machine with a mild detergent, and allow them to air dry.

3. Do you offer custom sizes? 

Currently we do not offer custom orders. However, we are always looking for feedback from our customers so feel free to reach out with any "wish lists" that would help us in product development.


1.  Are your hammocks machine washable?

Due to the wood spreader bar, our hammocks are not machine washable. A spreader bar offers stability when a person is laying on the hammock.However, since our fabrics clean up so easily, we suggest simple spot cleaning with cold water, a mild detergent and soft scrub brush. Then, simply allow your hammock to air dry!

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