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1. What can I expect from your vintage items?

Items are vintage, antique, and/or preowned. We do our best to describe any flaws or imperfections. However, we cannot capture everything. If you are not comfortable with receiving an imperfect item, please do not purchase. Remember, you are not purchasing a new piece. Imperfections and flaws include, but are not limited to: cracks, peeling paint, chips, flea-bite sized imperfections, watermarks, missing gesso, mirror silvering, rust, dings, dents, missing paint, stains, repairs, etc. Pieces may have irregularities, may not be symmetrical, and/or may not be perfectly level. 

2. Are your vintage chandeliers, lamps, and sconces ready for install? 

Absolutely not. We encourage you to have all lighting rewired by a professional. We do not assume any responsibility for faulty wiring. Please understand that lighting standards have changed and the wiring on vintage fixtures should always be replaced by a professional. Usually an electrician or lighting store in your area is able to complete the work.

3. Where do you find your vintage items?

While we cannot disclose all of our sources, we do find items locally, at flea markets, antique shows, and estate sales. We travel a good deal within the US and have various connections overseas which enables us to find the perfect vintage items.

4. Can I return a vintage item I purchased from you? 

All vintage items are FINAL SALE.

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